COSMA S.p.A. – Is the leader in Europe in the manufacturing of enameled iron strap grids. Has a very wide assortment and works directly with the most important groups in the world.

ESA SERVICE S.r.l. - Has been producing leak detection, refrigerant filling machines, electric safety tests and functional tests since 1980.

EUROZAPPA S.p.A. – This company is undisputed leader in the production of hoes, spare parts and components for milling machines, engine-driven cultivators, engine-driven cultivators, engine-driven hoes, farming machinery and gardening machinery in general.
FITRE S.p.A – It is a company that, as of the first half of the 1900s, plays an important role in the telephony world first, and later in electronics and telecommunications.
GILARDONI VITTORIO S.r.l. –  This Company was founded in the late 40's for conducting electroplating for third parties. Today, the Business Unit Components factory  produces engine parts: cylinder, cylinder kits and heads.

LAFRANCONI S.p.A. – Lafranconi is a name known all over the world thanks to its almost secular story and to its 75 years long experience in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems.

MECCANICA GENERALE S.r.l. – The fast and dynamic evolution of plastic materials, in terms of mechanical performances, resistance to heat and to chemicals, surface finishing, coupling with other materials, allows to make innovative solutions: for example, it is possible to achieve: metal replacement, weight reduction, recycling, integration of parts.

MECHANICA S.r.l. – The service offered by Mechanica includes planning, development and manufacturing of any material handling system concerning unrefined and finished products, components and manufactured articles.
MILLUTENSIL S.r.l. –  Was founded in 1955 and has been well-known all over the world for its die & mould spotting presses and for its equipments for presses.
MOSS ALLIANCE –  Is a group of companies which was founded in 2010 on the basis of four independent factories: MIRAMONDI, SARES, SCAMM and ARRASATE. All the members of the group combined their production experience and technologies in the field of equipment for metal sheet treatment and forming and assembly equipment for the production of sheet metal.

MT S.r.l. – Supplier of the main European motorcycle constructors. Its service of engineering can improve the design of a product in order to obtain: better production quality, less cost for prototyping and series production.
UTECO CONTEC S.r.l. – Over 40 years of experience allow the company to develop complex automation systems with the overall control of production flows. The company combines the handling systems with the most advanced electronics in an integrated management of the production process.

WAGNER GROUP – 50 years after the founding of the company, now the Wagner Group is a global player with 7 production sites, 14 companies and 45 international agencies, specializing in the production of systems for painting and enameling.
ZMC Italia S.p.A – For over 55 years this company has been a leader in Italy, in Europe and in the World in the production of industrial conveyor metal chains that are used in various sectors.