ost Italia " – is a commercial partner for Russian and Italian companies.


“Most Italia” was founded in 2006 as an agency, favoured the development of Italian companies commercial activity on Russian market.

Since that time our geography became wider: now “Most Italia” works not only in Russia but also in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Baltic States. And we are also able to represent commercial interests in all these countries not only of Italian companies. We are ready to become a commercial partner for any European company tending to the development of the Russian market. “Most Italia” also can help companies from Russia or from the CIS to find secure partners in Italy or in Europe.

“Most Italia” is a command of young, active and qualified specialists from Russia and Italy. “Most Italia” members combined their efforts to study the market characteristics, possibilities and prospective of commercial cooperation between Russia and Italy.

“Most Italia” provides consulting services, represent commercial interests of Italian companies in Russia and Russian companies in Italy, favour the development of new business ideas. “Most Italia” is an active participant of the new market commercial development.