We organize our work according to the following principles:


1. Complexity

We can offer to our Customers “turn key” cooperation programs or we can provide some separate services. “Turn key” program implies providing the whole complex of services from making the necessary research to the planning of strategic actions. In case if Customer needs to solve the specific complex of tasks we resort to the help of detached organizations (transport companies, customs brokers, informational agencies and etc.)


2. System approach

“Most Italia” provides services on 3 independent areas: marketing research and analytics, public relations, commercial representative. Such services organization allows to solve any task systematically.


3. Transparence

The Customer is always informed: about the project realization, expected results, possible troubles and prospective. “Most Italia” always works in constant contact with the Customer. It allows to evaluate intermediate results and to make all the needed corrections at any stage of the project realization.


4. Measurability of the results

“Most Italia” can offer to the Customers the system of measurable results of its work, which allows to evaluate the efficiency of our communicative and marketing projects.


5. Experience and reputation

Our reliability is confirmed by the recommendations and feedbacks of our Partners from different industrial sectors.